, Doctor Who Mission to the Unkno John Peel 
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.‘You will hand over the Taranium core,’ it ordered.The Doctor raised an eyebrow, and sneered down his nose at the Dalek.He had beaten the Daleks many times in the past, and he refused to admit that they might really have won.He had spoken earlier only to prevent their opening fire on his companions.Gripping his lapels, he said: ‘And if I do – what guarantee do I have that you won’t shoot us down immediately afterwards?’‘There is no guarantee!’ the Dalek grated.The Dalek with the perceptor moved forwards, its device pointing directly at the Doctor and registering strongly.‘This one is carrying the Taranium core.’‘You will give it to us,’ the patrol leader commanded.‘Doctor,’ Sara cried, stepping towards him.‘Don’t!’The Dalek’s eye-stick swung around to cover her.‘Silence!You will not speak.’The Doctor stepped forwards, shielding both Steven and Sara to some degree.‘You cannot fire,’ he said, smugly.‘You may damage the Taranium.As a way of ending this stalemate, might I suggest.’‘There will be no further discussion,’ the Dalek snapped.It swung to indicate Steven and Sara.‘These two are of no consequence.Destroy them!’The Daleks began to spread out about the three travellers, bringing their weapons to bear.The Doctor’s mind raced, trying to think of some way out of this situation.Both Steven and Sara backed away slightly, trying to see some avenue of escape that the Daleks had overlooked.There was none.Suddenly, a whispering, frantic horde of sticks and stones came hurtling down towards the Daleks.The Visians had built up their courage while the Daleks’ attention was elsewhere.They rushed into the attack, screeching, and smashing with whatever they could lay their hands on.Taken by surprise, the Daleks spun round to counter-attack.One Dalek’s eye-stick was smashed.Panicking, it began firing random bursts, yelling: ‘Cannot see! Cannot see!’ Most of the rocks and sticks did little damage, however, beyond denting the Dalek casings somewhat.Invisible claws grappled at the Daleks, and one was dragged by three Visians into a pool of the viscous mud, and pushed into it, face down.With a foul stench of escaping gases, the Dalek sank from sight.‘The invisible creatures must be exterminated!’ the patrol leader ordered, rather unnecessarily, since the Daleks had already begun firing.‘They must not be allowed to interfere!’Seizing their chance, the Doctor, Sara and Steven dashed off into the jungle.The Visians must have seen them, but had correctly identified the Daleks as the greater danger, to be settled first.The battle was very short-lived.The Daleks simply moved together into a tight circle, their guns facing out-wards.They then began to fire heavy bursts in all directions.Screams and the crash of falling bodies proved that the Visians were suffering heavy losses.Finally, the few demoralized survivors fled into the jungle.‘Cease firing,’ the patrol leader ordered.‘They have been driven off,’ the perceptor Dalek observed.‘Or exterminated.’‘Search for the fugitives,’ the leader responded.‘They have no means of escape from this planet.They must be annihilated!’Breaking into small groups, the Daleks began to fan out from the clearing, searching for traces of the escaped captives.Fighting to regain their breath, Sara, Steven and the Doctor had paused some distance away.They heard no signs of pursuit as yet.‘Can’t hear anything now,’ Sara gasped.‘It was a quick battle,’ Steven replied grimly.‘I think we all know who won.’The Doctor nodded, clutching at his side as he struggled to regain his composure.‘Yes, the Daleks will be following our trail.If we want to get away from this planet, we must move very fast– very fast indeed!’ He started off again.Sara glanced at Steven, puzzled.‘How do we get off this planet?’ He shrugged; the Doctor would let them know his plan in his own sweet time.Till then, all they could do was to follow him.It was quite intolerable.The Black Dalek glared down at the communications area with increased disgust.A servitor moved forward.The Black Dalek snapped: ‘Are the fugitives still avoiding the Dalek patrols?’‘Yes.There has been no further contact with them.’‘Their recapture is simply a matter of time,’ the Black Dalek stated.‘There is no avenue of escape for them from Mira!’Though certain that this was true, the fact that the thieves of the core had already eluded capture on two other worlds gave the Black Dalek pause.These three humans were not typical of their species.Few had ever lived so long with such a pursuit force after them.It was as if they were used to the Dalek methods –and that was surely impossible! Humans had had no contact with the Daleks now for several centuries, and humans could not survive such a length of time.They could not know the Dalek ways – could they?Exactly as the Doctor had suspected, the Dalek saucer lay in another of the small clearings.The heavy casings of the Daleks had sunk several inches into the Miran mud, and the trail had been simple to backtrack to this point.Hidden in the bushes, the three travellers peered out at the Dalek ship.It was a classic saucer shape, with a raised dome.Below, the ship stood on long legs.A central pod hung below the body, the exit door still open.From the door, a ramp led to the ground.At the top of the ramp stood a Dalek guard.The Doctor chuckled to himself, and gestured.‘There seems to be only one Dalek guard!’Sara nodded, thoughtfully.‘So we take their ship to escape!’she breathed in admiration.‘Right, the best way to do it is to rush that guard from three sides at once.’‘Huh!’ Steven snorted.‘Best way!’Before Sara could retort, the Doctor held up a cautioning hand.‘Steven’s right, my dear.There’s a far better way.That Dalek could shoot us all down before we got anywhere near it.I have a plan.Just remember that the Dalek sees through that eye-stick on the top of its dome, and it cannot react faster than that stick can move! Now, Steven, this is what I want you to do.’The Doctor hastily outlined his plan for the others.When he was certain that they had grasped it, he nodded, and moved off through the bushes.Sara glanced at Steven, unhappy over the plan.‘I don’t like it,’ she admitted.‘I still favour a frontal attack.’‘That’s because you’ve not dealt with the Daleks before,’ he answered.‘We have no option but to follow the Doctor’s plans.He knows what he’s doing.’ Privately, Steven hoped that the Doctor really did know what he was doing.The guard Dalek moved slowly backwards and forwards at the top of the ramp, awaiting the return of the patrol, or fresh instructions.It had been doing this for several hours, patiently, and nothing had happened.Suddenly, its sensors located something moving.It looked around, and saw the elderly human move slowly from the trees.The creature did not seem to be armed in any way, but the Dalek levelled its gun in case.‘Remain where you are!’ it commanded.‘Certainly,’ the Doctor agreed cheerfully.He considered raising his arms, but that was such a tiring position in which to stand.Instead, he let them fall to his side, clearly empty.‘I have come to give myself up.’The Dalek glided down the ramp towards him, cautiously.‘Are you the being with the Taranium core?’‘I am,’ the Doctor replied.‘I realized how foolish I was being, that I am naturally no match for the Daleks.I will give you back the core, in exchange for your taking myself and my friends away from this wretched world.’The Dalek examined the Doctor, thoughtfully.What the alien had said made perfect sense to it.The mention of the friends reminded the Dalek that there were two more of the aliens.‘Where are the others?’ it asked.Gesturing behind himself, the Doctor said: ‘Over here, in the bushes.They will come when I call [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]